Phantom Elite Paranormal has a team of members that has been doing investigations for  20+ years within team.  Phantom Elite Paranormal is a Media based group from YouTube to internet posts ..  Our investigations are done with all the means necessary and some unique to prove or disprove the paranormal.  We utilize psychics (sensitives), cool tech toys, and our own ways to get answers. We have trained people within the occult world majoring in Astrology, Demonology, Theology, and Parapsychology.  We believe in spiritual and technological ideas, which are important always.  We do most of our Investigations in our home town of Fond Du Lac, WI.  but do travel P.E.P. is done in a professional manner and we take every investigation seriously.

We believe anything can be haunted, even a ring or a person, not just homes or buildings.  We don’t just say “Yes, your house is haunted” and leave.  Sometimes people need spirits to depart and it’s not a certainty that they would abandon what is being possessed.  Some people just don’t have the option.  P.E.P is not affiliated with any religious organizations.